Idea for a Movie: Laramie/Pendleton Mix-Up

Justice Minotaur commanded Mr. Cornwall to record the following “ideas for a feature-length film” on this blog.* Minotaur saith: “There is some kind of mix-up that undergirds the whole, like the corset of a large and industrious woman. Say, a man named Laramie who is from Pendleton, Oregon, and a man named Pendleton who is from Laramie, Spain, or wherever Laramie is–can you check the map for this? At this point the audience may think it’s going to be some light fare–a ‘Who’s on first?’ routine–until Pendleton kills himself while the early credits are still rolling. I am thinking something grisly–maybe a stampede. The reasons for the suicide are not explored until the sequel. Laramie is a dentist or maybe a hobo. His first name is probably Todd.” Further Minotaur saith not.

*The justice evidently does not intend to develop the ideas into a script or to pitch them to an agent; rather, he wants them recorded so that “when” the film is made, he can sue for treble damages on a copyright infringement action. “That it [a movie with these ideas of Minotaur’s in it] will be made is as inevitable as Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson making another lousy buddy film,” Minotaur declared.


7 thoughts on “Idea for a Movie: Laramie/Pendleton Mix-Up

  1. I love movie and play and musical scripts based on mix-ups. My whole life story started as a mix-up of names. I was supposed to be named after the famous writer and sometimes blog poster Tom Jonerson. Evidently my parents filled out the records incorrectly with vital statistics and refused to pay the $35.00 fee to submit the correction.

    • Justice Minotaur believes he may have once played mumblety-peg with a Madge Tomerson, who he says had “thick forearms” and “ideas on international commerce that were not entirely sophomoric.”

    • This person’s claim to a mix-up seems unlikely. My last name “Jonerson” is not pronounced “John-erson” but instead as “Joan-erson.” Unless this individual who calls himself Jon Tomerson pronounces his first name as “Joan” his case should be rejected by the Minotaur.

      • My name is indeed pronounced “Joan” as I was named consistent with the “Joan-erson” pronunciation in the family name Jonerson. I am beginning to wonder if a lifetime spent worshipping my would-be namesake was a tremendous mistake of the highest order.

  2. Yes, that reminds me to the movie staring Todd Blankenship. It too has not yet been filmed but the stampede idea is central to the plot.

    • Justice Minotaur, between bites from a chunk of goat cheese in the shape of a pentagram, asked Mr. Cornwall to retain an attorney to sue you.

  3. The idea that there are some people with the changed identity intrigues me. You have created, I believe, a new myth — this “Laramie” character who comes from Pendleton represents each one of us. This is to say that for each of us there is, how do you say, a doppelgänger, someone similar to us, with physical traits more or less the same as ours. But what interests me, in your story, is this “Pendleton” from Laramie, who commits suicide. One would have foreseen normally that it’s Laramie who kills himself — he is the true person whose identity has been stolen, it’s him who merits the suicide. The other — this Pendleton from Laramie — he does not really exist independent of the first guy. This tells us that the second person is a fiction and we must stop having fantasies on the subject of different people. In fact, it’s not Pendleton who commits suicide, but in fact Laramie who created him — it’s not suicide, it’s murder, if you like.

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