Journal Entry: Gay Shocker!

Journal entry, 9/13/13. Justice Minotaur was observed to be in a merry and gay mood this morning, even though his foot is still quite mangled from his having unwittingly stepped into a bear trap last evening after the demonstration on how to escape from Chinese fingercuffs.


9 thoughts on “Journal Entry: Gay Shocker!

  1. My Justice Minotaur: I bless you with with the continuation of the state of health of which you partook and, even, rejoiced in, before the arrival of this horrible malady.

    • Let’s hope that Mr. Jonerson covers himself in honey and enters a woods full of hungry bears.

      • Mr. Tomerson, I would be pleased if when you wrote to me you would begin by apologizing for your existence.

  2. Every time you play with the Chinese prisoners, it is necessary to pay attention to not get caught in the bear cage. But we are especially happy that you remain gay! Take care. Of your needs. We love you all! Your friends from France.

    • Mme. Teede:
      You will not speak as a representative of the French. If it is necessary, you will please speak of your YOUR opinions, your OWN opinions. You aren not the only French to listen to the word of Justice Korbin Minotaur.

      • M. D.R. III,
        How old are you? You must be 80, right? You are the age of the father of my father. I am sick of the older French who say they are the true voice of France. I have listened to your stories of the world war, of the Vichy government, of Hitler, of Indochine, all that. Yes, you have done that. But it is no longer that. If I want to love Bieber, it’s up to me. If I love this Minotaur, if I adore him like a rock star, leave me alone. OK? You did your war. Now it’s time for your nap. And it’s my turn to live.

  3. HIPPA regulations notwithstanding, the Justice’s evening visit to a nearby clinic has been thoroughly documented and placed in the waiting room between a January 2001 copy of the New Yorker and a People magazine featuring a bubble-headed bleach blond with silicone displayed in utterly predictable locations. How quickly the masses forget the words of Dan Fogelberg: “Mystery’s a thing not easily captured, and once deceased, not easily exhumed.”

    His medical chart, signed by a Dr. Sylvia Nevisse-Nevasse, reads as follows:
    “Patient vitals upon arrival: BP: 130/12 — Pulse: 72 — Temperature: 115 (administered rectally)
    “Patient, who insists, ‘Call me Milton! John Milton! All of ye!’ appears quite agitated.”
    “Patient reports that after dining on Pringles and habanero dip (cf “Temperature” above), he attempted to dance ‘like Juana la Cubana’ as he escaped the fingercuffs but instead stepped into a bear trap intended for any visitor bringing a Labradoodle to his home.”
    “X-rays negative for fracture but positive for the presence of a cloven hoof.”
    “Patient sent home with 12 Oxycontin tablets, with instructions to crush and mix with a small fruit smoothie.”
    Dr. S. Nevisse-Nevasse

    • The attempt to murder Justice Minotaur with an overdose of Oxycontin has been exposed and diffused. The poisonous drink was fed to a chinchilla, which made no Socratian statements before its collapse.

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