Journal Entry: Candy Disclaimer

Journal entry, 10/28/13. Justice Minotaur announced that the following disclaimer would be affixed with powerful glue to candy distributed this year from the compound to trick-or-treating children: “To our little ghosts and goblins! Justice Korbin Minotaur and Eric of Cornwall salute you with a holy kiss, &c. Please note that we are merely passive distributors of any candy passed along to you, and should the candy harm you, your sole remedy lies against the manufacturer of said candy.”

(Mr. Cornwall’s note to American readers: In New Salem, the holiday called “Halloween” in the United States is celebrated as Guy Fawkes Night. While the date of the celebration and many of the traditions are similar, it is noteworthy that in New Salem the law requires that every costume include a pumpkin head, meaning that the wearer of any costume must literally wear a hollowed-out pumpkin upside down on her or his head (generally with eye holes and a breathing hole also carved into the gourd), or face up to three years of heavy labor. There is a lucana in the legislative record at the time the law was passed, so the reasons for the mandate are not clear, but some scholars suspect the legislation was pushed through by a combination of the Pumpkin Growers’ Lobby and the Let Freedom Ring Tonsorial Guild.)


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