Journal Entry: Tax Returns

Journal entry, 1/25/14: Justice Minotaur visited today at the office of A. Todd Dirtwalls, an azoospermic bookkeeper who has done Minotaur’s annual tax returns since 1981. The fiscal year in New Salem ends January 21 of each even year and January 12 of each odd year, the result of a printing error made in July 1847 by compositor Napoleon Grim Jr., who apparently had gone blind the month before without anyone realizing it. Besides filing in New Salem, this year Minotaur is also filing a return in Guam–“in case I went there that one time after the cough syrup binge,” he says. The most remarkable aspect of the returns that Mr. Cornwall has so far noticed is that in both cases a business expense is being claimed for $100,000 in “imported moist towelettes used by the milkmaid.”


One thought on “Journal Entry: Tax Returns

  1. Is not possible the error of printing made by the one of the name “Napoleon.” This is itself the grand error. I habitually never part ways with Sir Eric of Cornwall or the Grand Minotaur but on this I avail myself to dissent profusely. I take by contrary the great laugh to think that the Justice is not aware if it be such that he proferred himself to Guam or not but in any case for the cough syrup and conditionally so.

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