Journal Entry: Lazy Sunday

Journal entry, 2/23/14: Justice Minotaur and Mr. Cornwall lunched today at an Iranian deli the name of which translates roughly into English as “Specifically Ewe.” Minotaur saw a cousin of his there, Franklin Telano Roosevelt, a town crier who also happens to be expert in drawing perfect circles freehand. Roosevelt, who is single and looking to buy his first home, wondered if Minotaur and Cornwall wanted to go look at some listed properties with him, so the three drove around all afternoon in Roosevelt’s late model Citroen. Roosevelt told stories the whole time of women he had dated or is currently dating. At the time of this writing, Mr. Cornwall is having a hard time distinguishing in his mind between names of the women Roosevelt mentioned and names of subdivisions the three men visited today. There not being enough time to sort it out right now, Cornwall will simply make a listing of proper nouns, in hopes of being able to return to this entry later to indicate which are women’s names and which are subdivision names. (It is also possible one or more of these is a boutique clothing store for women.)

Embers Lube
The Same Is Zoar
Praxis Magnificent
Cockatrice Den
Futures Annalee
Escape Look
Roddin of Locksley
Amber Crisp
Baseball, Ray
Padme the Jubilant
Taut Doxology


2 thoughts on “Journal Entry: Lazy Sunday

  1. This name “game” is my own riddle. I in my bloody heart must know the words are the interesting and the funny, but because the English is not my normal tongue the translating is tough for me. So I can not understand full situation — for me this is hell.

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