Journal Entry: Ides of March

Journal entry, 3/15/14: It being the Ides of March, Justice Minotaur got up at about three in the morning and spent several hours going from empty bed to empty bed in the compound with pillows, cantaloupes, and wigs to make it look as if someone was sleeping in every bed. Then he locked himself in the safe room with fourteen cell phones, caffeine pills, an M-16 with two thousand rounds of ammunition, a Mad magazine, four fatherless lambs, a Sterno stove, and 14 pounds of self-harvested tree nuts. He is in there now yelling out, “Keep out of here, Cornwall, you Brutus! I swear if you come at me I will take you down and harvest your organs!”


2 thoughts on “Journal Entry: Ides of March

  1. I would wish well to understand the man Cornwall and also this danger he presents himself. In the voice of the Justice in this passage one hears well the fear. One asks himself if in fact Cornwall is a member of the legion of honor, that alliance in fact which has been so terrible, and one does not know that which is possible. Until then I hope well for the safety of the Justice. That he has sufficient of milk.

  2. Ram gave the same lecture at Cabbage Watch 2013. It was not particularly insightful but the jokes were okay.

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