Journal Entry: Sabbath Remarks

Journal entry, 7/21/14: Yesterday Justice Minotaur was asked to offer remarks at a nondenominational congregation that rents space for its Sunday services from a local dojo. Karate classes are operative during the worship service, so it is not uncommon for the reading of scripture to be interrupted by a loud “kiai!” Once the preacher was felled midsermon by a leg sweep from an overeager yellow-belt.

Minotaur spoke for four hours extemporaneously. No scribe was able to attend so the discourse is lost to history, except for one sentence that happened to be captured by a toddler who, visiting the service with his adoptive mother, happened to press “record” on his toy phone: “In our time, thanks to steroids and meat farms, every animal is a firstling of the flock.”


2 thoughts on “Journal Entry: Sabbath Remarks

  1. It is sufficiently interesting so that a child would like to record the discourse. I do not know if it the answer to all of the problems of the world but it is one could say a start, even a strong start. Except that I do not know if the the justice in this case does not like the artificial medications or if yes. If he loves that, to hell he goes even though he gave the talk at the church.

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