Journal Entry: New Paint Colors, Part Deux

8/14/14: Justice Minotaur today submitted an addendum to the list of proposed new paint colors he submitted yesterday to Kiss Hand-to-Hand Like Palmers Do Paint Manufacturers, LLC, a Guamese Company. The additional new colors, with recommended ad copy, are as follows:

Nonesuch. Join celebrated local artist Township Dill as he invites us on a whimsical journey with elves, lime rickeys, and a death mask of Ethan Allen.

#2114. This color is so unpredictable it won’t submit to taming–or naming. Let’s just say it’s where Wall Street meets Main Street meets–what?–a prediabetic gorilla.

Oh, Shamwell, You Really Are a Mouse! If you close your eyes hard enough and long enough maybe you will hear a voice. When you hear it, put one hand in the toaster and press the button down with the other.


2 thoughts on “Journal Entry: New Paint Colors, Part Deux

  1. Wunderlich as my German colleagues are so prone to uttering when the pleasing time arrives. Bravo. Hurdles of joy. To you and you and you. This is the range of your experience .

  2. The paint descriptions are excellent – – there is a future in this! Cvar’s paint store in Bountiful closed several years ago for a lack of descriptive labels. Perhaps the justice can save the industry!

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