Journal Entry: Addendum to Minutes

Journal entry, 9/14/14: President Justice Minotaur asked that the following be added to the official minutes of the one hundred and third annual meeting of the International League of Fire Tenders:

Let the minutes reflect that Prince Henry the Navigator was also present at the meeting and is a member of the Lodge. Mr. Navigator was manacled in a dog catcher’s van in the parking lot but the proceedings were relayed to him in a crude sign language by a Boy Scout eager to earn service hours. At the time the meeting was adjourning, Navigator broke free from his fetters and killed the driver of the van, the Scout, and Participatory Shelves with a mailbox that he (Navigator) had pulled out of the cement. Using his executive power, Minotaur replaced Shelves, who had been appointed to a special committee assigned to look into selling camel rides, with Brian Hallelujah.

(End of addendum)


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