Journal Entry: Scholarly Article Ideas

Journal entry, 4/1/15: Justice Minotaur announced today that he was intrigued by the idea of writing scholarly articles with the following titles:

“‘Monkey See, Monkey Do’: Successes and Failures with the Primate Taxi-Driver Program, St. Paul, Minnesota, June 3-4, 1987”

“Unintentional Rhyme in Corporate SEC Filings”

“‘When It Reigns, It Pores’: King Charles II’s Sweating Problem as a Possible Explanation for the Glorious Revolution”

“The Use of Numerals and Symbols in Mathematics”

“Soiling Patterns in Gis of Losers of Karate Tournaments”

“A Survey to Determine if Any Human Presently Alive Has More Than Sixty-Seven Teeth in His Mouth”

“‘A Modest Proposal’: J. Edgar Hoover’s Prom Dress Collection” [Cornwall’s note: probably more of a marketing idea than a scholarly article]

“Shakespeare’s Globe–not the Theater, but His Ferret of the Same Name”

“Correlation of Pot Smoking with the Playing of Dungeons and Dragons: One Man’s Journey”

“A Comprehensive List of Documents Believed to Have Been Kept in Abraham’s Lincoln’s Hat at Some Point in Time”

“To Vapulate the Hagiarchy: (Re)Imagining Malism in Kreuberg’s Quadragintesimal Poems”

When pressed for additional information on these articles, Minotaur saith, “I have not made it beyond the titles of these. Perhaps someday I could make it further than that, if I were assigned a research assistant who could do all the work.”

[remainder of page intentionally left blank]


2 thoughts on “Journal Entry: Scholarly Article Ideas

  1. This is the thing that was the thing said by my father which touches me at the moment: “the academic mind considers only that of which the consideration is the thing” and it is important to reinforce the reality of the statement by the dead father. I can see clearly through the open eyes the mind of the Minotaur and his vision for clarity in the world of fog. Perhaps for the first time however I have been the detector of his rudeness towards the Cromwell one when the Minotaur one suggested that he did not have the help when it is automatic obviously to those of which as the readers see that Cornwall is a central imperative or primodorial mover in the greater equation, not to say the one rise above the other but nor should the one lower the other at the expense of the equal. To say otherwise is the ripost to academic minds everywhere.

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