Gallows Humor–Installment 1

Justice Minotaur is pleased to announce the launch of a new cartoon series to be published on this informal electronic newspaper. The creator is Black-Jackie Gallows. (Gallows was named Dill Huggington and his cartoon was named Dill’s Jarring until both were renamed by Minotaur yesterday morning against Huggington’s will. Minotaur pronounced both original names “positively the dumbest I have ever heard.”) According to Justice Minotaur, the title and content of the new series “will remind us that every millisecond of our lives we dance on a trap-door on a scaffold–thinking only of the imminent snap of the trap and the jerking of the cord–but at the same time there are occasionally lighter moments, such as when we find we have not been charged for extra guacamole at a Mexican restaurant.”

Gallows Humor

Gallows Humor, by Black-Jackie Gallows (formerly Dill Huggington), presented by Justice Korbin Minotaur


3 thoughts on “Gallows Humor–Installment 1

  1. One side of myself begs to say that the cat says “meow” to see the humor of the darkness explicitly made voyant. On the other side of the self is a series of revulsions to which I have not grewn accustomed to withstanding. For it is to be the end when the rope is tight around your head and once that thing goes — like that! — and you have fallen – this is the end. And then what? What is to be? Is it the historical caterpillar and butterfly ballad? Or is it the tomb of emptiness? Or some else? I want to comment that he to which the pen is put for the drawing has the skill of courage to illustrate the death. For that I think we agree.

  2. It was to be had that I have forwarded the above unscripted “gallows humor picture” to my colleague Pierre St. Paul of Lens who has himself been the student of the way of the hanging, to ask for his advice on the drawing which you have presented today. He thought for that the picture was sensical and accurate in the way of the plank and the position of the actors. He extends to me the wishes of congratulations for your answerment. For my own part the upper most post is sturdy and would seem to have the force to hold the body of the hanging. It speaks to me as if you have studied many days to understand the true gallows and that is something for the slice of which to obtain it would not be so facile as commemorated.

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