Wedding Announcement

Justice Minotaur received a wedding announcement today from a young woman whom he described as being either his niece or a rebarbative webster, or possibly both. He has asked Mr. Cornwall to transcribe the text of the document here.

Colonel Jasom Bethlehen, Lady Licorice Bethlehen, and three of the colonel’s ex-wives are pleased to announce that their daughter

Priddy Bethlehen

will marry

Jube Early

the son of Tricksy Early and convicted murderer Waster Blackbuck

on the first non-rainy day in April

at nautical dawn at

The Old Pelt Museum.

A reception will be held that same evening in the continental breakfast nook at the Motel 6 at 3636 Northeast Randolph Road, Kansas City, Missouri, USA.


*From the bride’s mother: I am about as happy with these developments as Shylock was with Jessica’s liaison.

*From the owners of the Old Pelt Museum: We are repaving our parking lot from now until Thanksgiving and ask that you park either at the power plant next door or at the cheese factory on the other side of the leach pond.