Elevator Conversation Starters

This evening while rolling an underwetted quantity of oatmeal into a giant ball, Justice Minotaur revealed the following “things that can be said by a man or a woman to get conversation started on a long elevator ride”:

  1. “To think that only yesterday I was in the back of a squad car being questioned about the disappearance of my mother.”
  2. “How are you supposed to know what country you are in when this magical capsule opens up?”
  3. “I am having fish burgers delivered here in about 20 minutes if you care to join me.”
  4. “You are one of the few people who would probably look good with a face tattoo.”
  5. “When those doors close, I always feel like I have been swallowed up as prey by some kind of terrible flying lizard.”
  6. “How has the whole Greek yogurt craze affected the lives of you and yours?”
  7. “Try calling me Tommy and see what happens.”
  8. “We received the strange news this a.m. that our doberman has a son living in Washington DC.”
  9. “If you were my cousin, I would marry you.”

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One thought on “Elevator Conversation Starters

  1. One could also say “I understand that an elevator just like this one got stuck on the 4th floor yesterday and the occupants are still trapped inside”

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