Report on Trip to “San Luis”

Minotaur recently returned from a trip to St. Louis, Missouri, United States of America. He continues to believe he traveled to a place called “San Luis.” He provided the following report on his trip today to two Brownie Girl Scouts who approached the compound in an effort to rescue an escaped platypus:

“The airship landed first in Dallas City, state of Texas, United States of America, and all the passengers exited in haste, as if summoned by some powerful wizard. We walked in an enclosed hallway that went directly from the ship to an enormous building filled with many people and shops. In a men’s restroom there, I watched two strong men performing an act of service for another man who was quite a bit older. One of the strong men was firmly holding the older man’s face in the sink and the other was washing the older man’s face vigorously. From what I could overhear, it seems like they were helping him remember where he had put a briefcase full of diamonds.

“After this, I wandered around the building for many hours until I learned that no one was coming to get me to take me to San Luis. Instead, I would need to board another airship that would take me the final leg of my journey. The appointed time for boarding the vessel being quite distant still, I lay down to rest in the first quiet place I could find. Imagine my surprise when I woke up and learned that it was a service animal relief area.

“I then went into a gift shop looking for a clock with hands that run widdershins.”



3 thoughts on “Report on Trip to “San Luis”

  1. haha cher comrade, my wife and i have had the internal accident of taking a siesta in the place for the animals to use the toilet!

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