Children’s Corner: Ants

With this post, Justice Minotaur is pleased to inaugurate a new department on this blog. The department is and shall be called “Children’s Corner,” suggesting a quiet haven for innocent babes to learn and perhaps be just a bit entertained in this world that can sometimes be gloomy. These offerings will be dictated by Justice Minotaur to Mr. Cornwall. Though Minotaur has spent the minimum time with children possible during his long life, he feels he is well suited to write this material because he has experience with the young of several different species of farm animals. The first installment follows.

My dear children, come and listen to your friend, Mr. Justice Minotaur. You have heard of ants, I assume? These are the little six-legged creatures, oh, so tiny, that we see dashing about this way and that in the summertime. One of my friends, Little Timmy, was not careful around ants. By his home there was a huge ant pile, one of those where literally thousands of these little automatons make their home in dark and forbidding underground tunnels, where secrets go to die. Timmy knew the pile was there but went on about his life with little care. One day Little Timmy fell asleep while eating a sandwich on his back porch. In his dream he had the sensation he was being carried about hither and yon. He awoke to find this was true! This army of ants–as impressive as the forces of Napoleon at the height of his victories–had transported his little frame across the yard, and now his head was completely buried in their city of sand! Oh, the horror! Little Timmy was able to extricate himself from this situation, but not without deep psychological cuts that shall never heal. Oh, my friends, turn from the poor example of Timmy–yea, flee!