Dream: Horseback Printing

Justice Minotaur reported the following dream, which occurred either last night or on Bastille Day 1974: “In the dream I am printing a sextodecimo pamphlet while riding horseback. I am using a sans serif font created in the 17th century by a left-handed itinerant grocer. In addition to the Latin alphabet, the numerals 0 through 9, and the basic punctuation marks, the font set also includes an ampersand designed to convey that the author is bored and a glyph of a moistened pacifier.”


Dream: Island Fantasy

Justice Minotaur reported an “island fantasy” dream involving Britney Spears. Intrigued, Mr. Cornwall asked for as much detail as could be imparted. Minotaur said that the entire dream consisted of him trying to teach the well-known American chanteuse how to read.

Dream: Admissions Test

After breakfasting this morning on fresh pear and an unidentifiable meatlike substance (perhaps from a fallen burro?), Justice Minotaur asked Mr. Cornwall to bring in his notebook to take dictation. Minotaur saith: “I recall a dream from my youth. I had applied (in the dream) to the graduate physics program at MIT. The admissions board called me into a large room and placed before me a liter of turpentine, a printed copy of the decision in Marbury v. Madison, and a bust of Neptune. With these materials I was to produce a batch of tartar sauce by nightfall.” Further Minotaur saith not.

Dream: Grandfather Visitation

Justice Minotaur, after napping today, reported that he had dreamed that a grandfather had visited him from beyond the grave (he was not sure which grandfather, as the role was played by Morgan Freeman) to inform him that strawberries existed in the nineteenth century.

Mr. Cornwall informed him that no apparent meaning could be discerned from this. Justice Minotaur seemed displeased by this response and went about knitting a burqa.

Dream: Teaching a Chipmunk

Justice Minotaur recalled a recent dream he experienced in which Rosemary Clooney, Aaron Burr, Juba I of Numidia, and Ivanhoe were trying to teach a chipmunk to yodel.

Mr. Cornwall suggested perhaps the justice had ingested too much sugar before bedtime. Justice Minotaur suggested Mr. Cornwall should begin learning to “use a trident.”