Foreign Ministers

Journal entry, 9/1/13. This morning Justice Minotaur received a delegation from the Marshall Islands, who said they had traveled to the continent for the express purpose of meeting him and receiving his wisdom. Later, Mr. Cornwall learned by eavesdropping from a bathroom stall that the ministers had actually come to find out what the Cafe Rio craze was all about but included a visit to Minotaur’s chambers so they could properly bill the trip to their government.

As they were preparing to go, the ambassadors presented Justice Minotaur with a gift and asked that he not open it until they were out of sight. But would he kindly sign an autograph for them before they departed? This he did gladly. After pleasantries they were whisked away by rail car to whatever their next destination might have been.

The gift consisted of three wrapped boxes, all large and quite heavy. Upon opening the first the justice first pulled out volume 12 of a set of encyclopedias, the volume comprising entries beginning with the letters J-K. This caused his enthusiasm to grow as he naturally anticipated the remainder of the set would be contained in the boxes. As it turned out, however, all of the twenty-two volumes that were gifted were identical, covering J-K. Opening the envelope the delegation had left with the gift, Justice Minotaur found that what he had signed for them was a form of consent that any litigation arising from the gift had to be brought in the Marshall Islands.