Gallows Humor–Installment 9

A gorilla about to be hanged

Gallows Humor, by Black-Jackie Gallows (formerly Dill Huggington), presented by Justice Korbin Minotaur


Gallows Humor–Installment 8

Black-Jackie Gallows, a lover of the earth (literally too–he eats a scoop of moistened dirt every day for breakfast), has found that he can recycle some of his old cartoons by simply changing the caption or coloring in something that was formerly in black and white. Here is his first recycled cartoon. This will undoubtedly be received as warmly as recycled gargle or recycled underpants.

A dog in a ruined police uniform

This public service campaign with MacDorf the crime dog seems to be really getting out of hand. I don’t feel safe at all.
(Gallows Humor, by Black-Jackie Gallows [formerly Dill Huggington], presented by Justice Korbin Minotaur)