Gallows Humor–Installment 9

A gorilla about to be hanged

Gallows Humor, by Black-Jackie Gallows (formerly Dill Huggington), presented by Justice Korbin Minotaur


Journal Entry: Murderers’ Club

Journal entry, 7/15/14: As reported in yesterday’s journal entry, Minotaur spent time last evening watching a “news magazine” program on television that, typical of this genre, took perverse interest in the grisly details of one or more murders. Reflecting on this program today while visiting with his friend Sylvan Enuresis, Minotaur said: “It seems like if you wanted to catch murderers, you would simply form a Murderers’ Club. Maybe you offer free T-shirts and a subscription to all new members–throw in a keychain for those who join within ten days. Then you wait around for the murderers to show up.”

When asked what he would recommend be done once the murderers were all gathered together for their club meeting, Minotaur said: “Well, maybe we have the first meeting at the zoo. We have it in Prince Henry the Navigator’s cage, but we put the Navigator over in the corner under a blanket. After all the murderers are gathered and we have had the opening remarks, we run out of there and blow a horn, and then the Navigator comes out and takes care of the rest.”