Gallows Humor–Installment 1

Justice Minotaur is pleased to announce the launch of a new cartoon series to be published on this informal electronic newspaper. The creator is Black-Jackie Gallows. (Gallows was named Dill Huggington and his cartoon was named Dill’s Jarring until both were renamed by Minotaur yesterday morning against Huggington’s will. Minotaur pronounced both original names “positively the dumbest I have ever heard.”) According to Justice Minotaur, the title and content of the new series “will remind us that every millisecond of our lives we dance on a trap-door on a scaffold–thinking only of the imminent snap of the trap and the jerking of the cord–but at the same time there are occasionally lighter moments, such as when we find we have not been charged for extra guacamole at a Mexican restaurant.”

Gallows Humor

Gallows Humor, by Black-Jackie Gallows (formerly Dill Huggington), presented by Justice Korbin Minotaur