Journal Entry: Bananas at Grocery Store

Justice Minotaur retired to bed early this evening, evidently tuckered out by the day’s events. He asked Mr. Cornwall to compose a journal entry in his behalf. Mr. Cornwall offers as follows:

Justice Minotaur arose earlier than normal this morning. He reported he had been startled into “a full and not blessed awakedness” by what he said must have been “a hummingbird rifling through [his] valise in search of sweet ichor.” Thereafter, he was driven in a rickshaw to the green grocery, accompanied by his faithful scribe. Together they spent five hours looking for a single bunch of bananas that would, in Justice Minotaur’s words, “consist of three bananas, and three bananas only: one ripe for Wednesday’s breakfast; two green for Friday and Saturday.” When rejecting a bunch of bananas with four bananas, one ripe, one nearly ripe, and two green, Minotaur declared emphatically: “I do not need a banana Thursday so far as I can determine.”