Roommates in the Merchant Marine

Justice Minotaur today dictated the following list of individuals who he said were his roommates when he was in the merchant marine. He also added comments on a few of the names.

Geoff Bedwetter (“In one breath, he could belch the name of everyone to ever hold the rank of brigadier general or above in the United States Army”)

Multiple Hinds

Tim Savvings and Britt Loan (“These guys were always snorkeling”)

Exile Dupree Jr.

At. Night Shiztel

Private Mike Street

Abraham Lincomb (“One of the few left-handers I remember from my 20s”)

Fragger Deficit

K. Kelly Pats

Eggy Whitewater

Seep Myerson (“I think he was probably prediabetic”)

Seep Myersworth (“Or maybe it was this guy who was prediabetic”)

Pretty Wabbit

T. Whitebone Cromulent

Kyle Sportspickle (“He was one-sixteenth Welsh, or maybe it was Chinese”)

Liberty Bell Countryman

Z. Rickymaster

Theodore Prufrock Elfwhisper III (“This dude was always getting beat up”)

[Remainder of page unintentionally left blank.]


List of Names

List of “certain names,” as found on leaf of wrinkled foolscap paper in one of Justice Korbin Minotaur’s soiled robes, 3 Messidor 225:

certain names

J. Voorhees Prowler

Angus Benediction

Tenny’s Jim

Jose Cansecko

Terpander Anderterp III

Dainty Kennedy-Buckwasher

Kedger Fisher

Chlodoric the Parricide

Clark Clerk

Emmeline Puups

Helper Wilson

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